Extended registration

We have a lower number registrations compared to previous years. Therefore the registration period is extended until Monday December 5th 23:59:59.


Registration half way!

We are already halfway during our registration period. It is Sunday, do you have some spare time? Get a team together, sign-up, and make sure you don’t miss out on the 27th ISSTT!

I’m having the best day of my life, and I owe it all to not going to Church!
–Homer Jay Simpson




Registration is open!

The registration is opened, but just for one week. Don’t miss it. Go to Registration and register your team. Don’t forget about the down payment to complete your registration. More information can be found at Payment details .

And for the people who want to join the beerrace:
Son, when you participate in sporting events, it’s not whether you win or lose: it’s how drunk you get.
–Homer Jay Simpson



Final Standings ISSTT 26

The final standings of this years ISSTT can be found in this post. We congratulate the ‘Casting Couch’ on their victory!


  1. Casting Couch­­­
  2. If it bleeds we can kill it
  3. Get to the choppaahhh
  4. SC Goettingen
  5. Die 5einhalb Fragezeiche
  6. PPLT
  7. UFC Utrecht 1
  8. Bazinga
  9. Noetkrossarna
  10. NUTS 04
  11. Friends of Odie
  12. De propellers
  13. Nordish by nature
  14. Jilg +
  15. Goosebusters Goettingen
  16. Pissekatze
  17. Hot shots 1
  18. Red Zone
  19. Hot Shots 2
  20. PSV Koblenz
  21. Lalalalala BIER
  22. Dahlem Dorf Devils
  23. Consider that a divorce
  24. Berlin Broilers
  25. Teammannschaft
  26. Die Gurkentruppe
  27. Bitterballenbrigade
  28. Face Off 1
  29. Chrat Maffi
  30. Lasagne
  31. Blues Falcons
  32. Turniersieg
  33. Vier Gewinnt
  34. Oben Ohne Untenrum
  35. Mixed Flamingos
  36. Trukes Tigers
  37. Eat Sleep Repeat
  38. Hinten ist die Ente fett
  39. I hate mondays
  40. The Despicables
  41. Team Florko
  42. Leibniz Rackets
  43. Floorpizzaball
  44. Messed Up 2
  45. Agalychnis Calllidryas
  46. Goudse Floorball Club
  47. Hooked 1
  48. Kroket naar de maan
  49. Messed Up 1
  50. Hackepeter
  51. John
  52. 96te Legion
  53. Lasagne Galore
  54. Messed Up 3
  55. WEL
  56. Hooked 2



Time Schedule

You can find the time schedule of this weekend online now! Go to Information to check it.

Besides that, you can go to
Here you can check yourself when you have to play and on which fields


Signing Up

The registration will be opened this evening from 20:00 untill 22:30. If you arrive on saturday morning we kindly ask you to registrate before 9 AM, so that we can focus on the games afterwards.
See you soon!


Playing Schedule

The groups of the first round can be found under match information, as well as the playing schedule of this round. Furthermore you can find all the matches of the other rounds that will be played.


Lottery 2016

We just did the lottery to decide which teams will be in the 26th edition of the ISSTT. Due to some technical problems with the registration on the site, we decided that teams that did pay the registration fee, but ‘did not’ sign up, were included to lottery. The teams that signed up but didn’t pay were excluded from the lottery.

We now, however, have the problem that we don’t have the information about those teams (Die Gurkentruppe, hinten ist die ente fett, PPLT, Jilg +, psv Koblenz and floorpizzaball). When you are in one of those teams, please inform us via a mail to about the following things:
which team
Do you want to sleep in a cabin? (and which days)
How many players?
additional important information (food requirements)

The following teams made it through the lottery, we hope to see you all in January!

Agalychnis Callidryas
Berlin Broilers
Blue Falcons
Chrat Maffi
Consider that a divorce
De propellers
Die 5einhalb Fragezeichen
Die 96te Legion
Die Gurkentruppe
Eat Sleep Repeat
Face Off 1
Face Off 2
Fake Flamingo’s
Friends of Odie
Get to the choppaahhh
Goosebusters Goettingen
Goudse Floorball Club
hinten ist die ente fett
Hooked 1
Hooked 2
Hot Shots 1
Hot Shots 2
I hate mondays
If it bleeds we can kill it!
Jilg +
Jungle-Speed 1
Jungle-Speed 2
Kroket naar de maan
Messed Up 1
Messed Up 2
Messed Up 3
Mixed Flamingo’s
Nordisch By Nature
oben ohne untenrum
psv Koblenz
Red Zone
SC Goettingen
Swabian National Team
Team Flocko
The Despicables
The old man & friends
Truke’s Tigers
UFC Utrecht 1
UFC Utrecht 2


Registration is closed

Thanks everyone for signing up for the ISSTT! You can’t register anymore. On monday we will do the lottery and we will inform all the teams that signed up whether they can participate in the tournament or not!


Registration is Open!

The 26th edition of the ISSTT is getting closer. This year the tournament will be in the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 January 2016 with as theme Garfield! The registration is open untill 4 december 23:59:59, so make sure you register in time.

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